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Q cannot be defined by a single trait or action. Q is the result of extraordinary achievements and everyday practices that enhance the success of the company and help foster a unique culture, one which makes K2 such a special place to work.

As Operational Leads, our demonstration of Q should be apparent through the actions and achievements of our pods (teams). The efficiency with which my operational pod works and the growth and development of those within it is how I demonstrate Q. Both elements are cornerstones of the role of an Operational Lead, so significant time is spent formulating processes, brainstorming ideas and providing training to increase the confidence and success of every pod member.

That is how an Operational Lead primarily realises their Q. However, everyday actions such as office housekeeping, good recycling practices and one’s general attitude all contribute to the expression of Q.

People management is crucial. Imperative to the successful management of an operational pod is understanding the difference between leading and managing, and then making sure we do both.

As leaders, we guide and support members of our operational pods, allowing them to thrive in their daily tasks and overall career journey. By advising and assisting, we lead our pod members to success.

Part of guiding someone to success is managing their workload and recognising any blockers. Operational Leads know the ongoings of their pod like the back of their hand. If a member is struggling with a task or is overloaded, we step in to answer questions, troubleshoot problems and help reduce the burden. This ensures that pod members remain capable of providing the best possible service to our clients.

In my experience, adapting to and accommodating the various personalities and working methods in an operational pod can be challenging. Effective people management is necessary to maintain a positive and productive working environment for every pod member.

Regarding the Operational Leads team, our biggest challenge to date has undoubtedly been the Covid lockdowns. The overnight switch to remotely managing our pods (some of which were very newly formed) was not something we had ever previously envisaged having to contend with. This required immediate adaptation. We had to swiftly develop new best practices for working collaboratively and individually to maintain the successful, high-level performance of the business’s operational functions.

During the period of lockdowns, K2 continued to grow. Therefore we experienced a recurring need to hire and onboard people, all of which had to be done fully remotely. As a team, we look back with immense pride at the continued smooth operation of not just the Operational Leads team, but the entire Client Services department.

Circling back to challenges faced as an individual Operational Lead, we all face our own daily stumbling blocks. These can include service escalations, tricky client conversations and sometimes snags or complications within our pods. As a team of Ops Leads, we rely on each other for support, guidance and ideas: that’s why we meet several times a week and connect to varying degrees on a daily basis. The strength of our team provides us with a solid foundation from which to effectively and efficiently lead our pod members to individual, shared and company-wide success.

Through a combination of leadership and management, K2’s Operational Leads ensure the efficiency and the success of their operational pods. This requires the daily use of exceptional people management skills, constant awareness of workloads and careful consideration of work processes. All of this forms part of their Q, enabling them to fulfil K2’s commitment to Exemplary Service Delivery, Always and Everywhere.


Part III of K2’s Operational Leads Series will be published on 24th April.