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Throughout this year, K2 USA have been hosting virtual roundtable sessions, whereby attendees are encouraged to discuss key topics, with a mix of presentations from panellists and subject experts, as well as group discussions and idea sharing.

The sessions have so far been very popular, and have led to networking opportunities for the group, as well as increased understanding of current events, and how global mobility has been, and continues to be affected. The sessions always aim to provide key, tangible takeaways that the whole group will benefit from in their day-to-day mobility roles.

For an introduction to the different sessions that have been held so far, please visit our K2 insights area, which hosts summaries of each session to date.

The latest virtual roundtable was held on Thursday 29th of October and built upon previous discussions of ‘The Evolving Role of Mobility’ and discussed how ‘Increasing Value’ with regards to remote working can be addressed and achieved.

This session began by reviewing the specifics of remote workers, which included defining remote workers, who can be defined as such, and whether these definitions differ. The group interestingly found that different companies and groups define remote working in different ways. The group then explored how remote working may be having an impact on global mobility and reviewed the challenges and potential risks involved- notably compliance concerns were discussed.

The group then considered different experiences, and methods of tracking remote workers that are being used. Some members of the session highlighted how their mobility team is trying to offer compliant solutions that allow their company to keep some track of who is working where, and why. However, as discussions progressed the group noted how important it was to understand the risks associated with some forms of tracking, and agreed it was important to always be cautious, in order to stay compliant.

Lastly, the group shared policy changes and practices that their companies have been adopting (or considering), to accommodate the changing transferee requirements.  As always, the session concluded by reviewing all the key outputs that had been developed throughout the session.

The virtual roundtable was led and facilitated by K2 USA’s Brad Shepard, who was joined by a variety of other global mobility leaders to enable an in-depth discussion across various market sectors.

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A full session summary with all the key information and session recommendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire about upcoming virtual roundtables, please contact

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