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K2 provides a service which is built on the power of relationships. The care and attention to detail we ensure every client receives is mirrored in the duty of care we have for our employees. A workplace rich with opportunities for progression is paramount in maintaining K2’s exceptionally high service delivery standards: Stuart McCully’s inter-company transfer to Houston is the latest reflection of how we go above and beyond for the people who give K2 its identity.

At K2, relocations from one global office to another are not only possible but often actively encouraged. A global mobility company headquartered in the UK, we have twelve offices spanning nine countries. Sometimes these relocations come about through a need that arises in a specific location due to regional growth or new client demands; others are a response to the needs of employees.

We caught up Billing Co-ordinator Stuart McCully, to find out more about his move from the UK to the US.

What initially attracted you to the position in the US?

Having always lived in the UK, I’ve not had the opportunity to travel and live a different lifestyle. I did have travel plans that got ruined by the pandemic, but then this opportunity came up to move the finance department to our global K2 offices, and Houston was one of those opportunities. Given the rate at which K2 Americas is growing, it was one of those opportunities that ticked every box – I couldn’t turn it down.

What are you most looking forward to?

I hope Dad’s not going to read this, but moving out is up there! It’s time for me to branch out, to meet some new people, to live a different lifestyle. Houston is a really multicultural city, so it is going to be exciting experiencing different foods and cultures. I’m just ready for a change: working in Houston will demand a new approach to everything, though happily I’ll still be able to work closely with familiar faces.

Have you faced any challenges with the relocation process?

Amazingly, no! The most challenging part was probably the visa interview (although that could’ve been down to it being at 7am!). I’m fortunate enough to work for a company where I am not the first one to relocate to another office abroad, so I always know what the next step is. I’m not bringing many of my things over to Houston either, so I think that has saved me some stress!

What advice would you give somebody hoping to relocate for work?

The first step is to ask, because you’re never going to know if you don’t ask. Secondly, I think it’s very important that you keep an open mind. Before Christmas, I lived out in Houston for a month before moving permanently, and I learnt then to always try and live in the moment. Immerse yourself in where you are; don’t dwell on home.

When did you first know that you wanted to relocate for work?

Just after the pandemic started to ease. Many people I knew started to move up to London, and I thought, ‘I could do that’, but I’d quite like to do something a bit different. So during my work annual review, I made sure to be upfront and honest about how I’d like a change. That’s how I heard that an opportunity had opened up in Houston.

At the same time, James McKenna (US Country Finance Manager) was in the process of transferring from the UK to the US. Having relocated in July 2022, he has been out in the US for over half a year already – I am looking forward to working in person with him again.

Find out more from Stuart himself in his pre-move video interview

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