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Excellence for everyone

We live and breathe it. We know it’s fundamental to our success and longevity and we’ve been continuously improving it and delivering it since 2002.

So that we can continue to successfully commit to it, we’ve identified our own personal version of service excellence and what it really means to us, our clients and relocating employees.

For our clients – we add value to their talent management and global mobility outcomes, as well as their reputation within their company.

For our relocating employees – we take away the distraction of moving and changing job – two of life’s most stressful events.

For us – we ensure we fulfil each client and relocating employee’s needs which is a commitment we’ve made, and a core part of what we stand for – ensuring we continually do justice to our hard-earned and trusted reputation.

For everyone – we recognise we all lead busy lives and want an effective service that can enhance and deliver results, is fit-for-purpose and burden-free.

Our personalised approach

because it's personal
We’re proud to be independent, because it means we can be completely impartial and cost efficient.

We aren’t tied to any one provider. Our service model is flexible and can be tailored to your requirements – based solely on delivering the best quality outcomes to meet your needs, budget, culture and working practices. And in the rare case something doesn’t work, we fix it, and quick.

It’s fundamental to us to work in close partnership, as an extension of your team.

Only by immersing ourselves in your culture, and clearly establishing your goals can we deliver the exceptional services we’re committed to, and that you deserve. We focus on building positive and co-operative partnerships from the get go. We want to build loyalty and work with you to deliver outstanding value on your HR and global mobility outcomes for the longer term.

Flexibility and understanding are essential in a fast changing global environment where every project is different.

So, whilst we’re structured in our approach, we’re adaptable with our solutions – tailor-making services to meet your specific needs. We’re dedicated and care about our service. We are always here to help, easy to reach and speedy in our response. We’re also flexible in our approach, quick to find a solution that works and if the unexpected happens, we don’t shy away from solving it. We’re hands-on, sleeves-up, can-doers.

We give you tailor-made attention to detail, factoring in individual and local considerations, whilst being global in our reach, capacity and capability.

Developing bespoke, fit-for-purpose and customer focused solutions for each client and project is what we are recognised for and what we do best. Our unique partner network also ensures we’ve got every location covered.

We take pride in keeping up with the latest industry expertise – exceeding the norm with an industry leading proportion of our employees uniquely Worldwide ERC Global Mobility Specialist certified.

Using our expertise and experience to create a streamlined, efficient and straightforward service that takes the burden away from you is what we’re about. We have a trusted reputation for it. And our ingrained single point of accountability approach ensures we take full ownership of our results.

We commit to outstanding service quality based on specialist expertise, a wealth of experience, strong compliance, timely delivery, high expectations and a sound understanding of your needs.

And this extends to our exceptional partner network which is consistently managed and maintained with rigorous, ISO accredited standards, processes and tracking so that you can be sure that whatever they do is also K2.

We’re open and transparent about our service.

We give you control and peace of mind from the outset with constant access to Ascent, our bespoke online case management platform. This enables you and your relocating employee to track and assess your service and work with us to reduce assignment risk and develop continuous service improvements.

We continuously look to enhance your positive experience and the impact of our services.

We consistently deliver innovative, flexible and practical ways to create value for money and find new and better ways of working, be that through tech driven innovations or based on expert industry insight. We’re driven to improve for our clients and for a better future.

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