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Kinetic is K2’s five year business strategy

It builds on the huge success of Aspire 2017–21. The list of achievements over the past five years has been impressive and K2 has gone from strength to strength.

We have grown sustainably in answer to our clients’ and employees’ needs, delivering the exceptional level of service we are committed to. Highlights from Aspire 2017–21 include:

What now for Kinetic?

We feel Kinetic expresses the emphasis of this next stage of our business progress.

This strategy is all about harnessing the tremendous energy and momentum built from Aspire and channelling it into the next exciting phase of our growth and development.

Focusing on six strategic priority areas: people and culture, commercial success, partner network, marketing, technology and sustainability.

We want to keep what’s good, add to what we’re doing and ensure we’re anticipating and responding effectively whilst we continuously evolve.

How will it be brought to life? Kinetic’s implementation will be an agile and iterative process, driven to achieve annual operational goals set by global matrix teams across K2 and overseen by the K2 board.

What success looks like and our six strategic priorities

Our Winning Statement For 2026

Having protected the K2 culture, Kinetic actions have accelerated momentum and growth without compromise, making K2 the mobility partner of choice.

Our Kinetic pledges for 2026

Assignee satisfaction
Client satisfaction
Employee satisfaction
Year on year growth
Client losses for service

The six strategies that will make it real

People & culture

Commercial success

Partner network




We have created a culture where we work together and communicate across every level of our business. This will be continually evaluated to ensure we stay on track and don’t get lost in the crusade for continued growth.

K2 will remain a great place to work, where our people feel they are valued and rewarded for hard work and are proud to come together in a supported and innovative environment; where personal wellbeing, inclusion and continued professional development are central to how we grow individually and collectively.

Our values will permeate everything we do and will be consistently delivered by every member of K2, at every organisational level, from selection to onboarding, through to management and leadership development.

Attracting, developing and retaining the right people to our K2 family will ensure that our culture and values are never compromised. Employees will be encouraged to recognise a future at K2 through opportunity, mentoring, development and reward programmes. Retaining our talent is crucial and we will invest in globally- shaped wellbeing, reward and recognition programmes. We’ll also develop and run graduate and intern programmes, and we’ll assess competencies, behaviours and performance throughout those programmes.

K2 will grow without compromising our values, our service quality or our culture.

We’ll enhance marketing activities to increase awareness of our relocation and professional services. We’ll continue to develop other service lines – such as immigration, US domestic mobility services and more targeted solutions for customers – while increasing our visibility and viability in other regions globally.

Strong relationships with our commercial partners are intrinsic to delivering consistently high-quality services in line with our core values.

We will take our partners on a journey through enhanced communication programs and bring them into the heart of the K2 family and encourage them to join our drive for sustainability. Their performance will be developed through enhanced engagement, training and consistent and fair performance management.

We remain committed to developing a targeted and refined marketing strategy.

Starting with expanding our marketing talent and introducing marketing rigour. Conducting extensive research will enable our digital marketing to increase market awareness and support customers’ needs, with a particular focus on K2’s professional services: advisory, assignment management, expense management, immigration and bespoke relocation. Also critical to our success will be the development of a communications programme to enhance our cultural engagement and brand reputation.

K2 is committed to further developing its technology capabilities in the global mobility digital world.

Our five-year strategy includes a combination of short term deliverables and long term objectives which will flex around the scaling needs of the business. Our platforms will allow us to integrate with clients’ systems and provide an elevated client and assignee experience with portal and mobile app services.

K2 is a responsible global corporate citizen and understands that our business has an impact on the environment and sustainability of the world. We have committed to reducing that impact by taking meaningful actions whilst collaborating with colleagues, clients, partners and industry.

Our sustainability commitments form a fundamental part of Kinetic which holds K2 responsible for delivering meaningful and measurable results. As a participant in the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, K2 supports its 10 principles of human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption and the 17 UN Sustainable Development goals.

K2 will ensure these principles and goals become part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company. By joining the UN Global Compact, K2 commits to reporting its actions, measurable results, learnings and forward-thinking initiatives in the yearly UN communication of progress submission.

Finally, every member of the K2 family will commit to sustainability goals in their annual performance objectives, which will be fundamental to being a K2 citizen.

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