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As businesses strive to expand their global presence, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) presents a thriving economy that is attracting attention as the ideal region for growth.

To fully capitalise on the opportunities this exciting region offers, companies often relocate large groups of people to ensure maximum impact when accessing new markets.

However, this influx of expatriates puts a strain on the availability of essential services required, including school places for assignees’ children.

This week, Samantha Daly, K2 UAE Regional Manager and Victoria Moss, Managing Director of RelocateMe will be discussing education and schooling for expatriates children in KSA, highlighting what to watch out for and the challenges your employees may face when seeking educational places for their families during this period of high influx. They will also provide valuable advice on how expats can find the right school for their children.

Be sure to watch the informative video below to gain all the necessary insights.

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