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At K2, we set ourselves apart by maintaining a strong commitment to quality in order to deliver an exceptional service to our clients.

K2 recognises that no two clients are the same; therefore, in delivering our Professional Services, we focus on flexibility and commit to building a comprehensive understanding of each client.

We also understand that providing an end-to-end mobility service is about more than service and logistical excellence.

Accelerate your workforce mobility

20 years in the making

K2 has built a wealth of expertise and experience

Over the last 20 years, K2 has built a wealth of expertise and experience across the Professional Services mobility offering:

The structure and planning that need to be addressed before a move is even considered, identifying policy principles and move drivers, the selection and governance process, and those areas around compliance and consulting with the business and to understanding your organisation’s culture, all of which inform policy recommendation, secure stakeholder buy-in, and a whole lot more…

The members of our Professional Services Team have decades of experience with Big 4, consulting and global inhouse programme management, and are here to help with any area of mobility, big or small.

because it really is personal

Meet your professional services team

Taryn Whitfield

Head of Advisory Services

Taryn holds an MCIPD and has over 25 years global mobility experience managing global inhouse mobility programs for FMCG, financial services and investment banking institutions.

Taryn then worked as an independent GM consultant with organisations including Goldman Sachs and O2 Telefonica, prior to joining K2 in 2012.

Taryn’s focus is to develop K2’s advisory reputation as a market leader. She is passionate about removing the friction in global mobility and enabling organisations to effectively and efficiently mobilise and retain their people.

“My ambition for K2 Advisory is to deliver an unrivalled and exceptional consultative and advisory service across all aspects of global mobility. Our aim is to partner with every client to truly understand their needs, culture and value proposition.

My corporate experience is invaluable in understanding the challenges, priorities and needs of key stakeholders in the mobility process and how best to navigate systems, processes and relationships to successfully develop and deliver value.

I work with companies to establish, review and/ enhance their global mobility programmes. We have developed a unique approach at K2, investing time upfront to really understand our clients’ organisation, culture, business and talent strategies in order to provide a realistic solution.

We interview key internal stakeholders and assignees to gain insight into the requirements, successes and challenges of mobilising people across the organisation. This insight enables us to establish and implement a scalable framework comprising the global mobility strategy, policy principles, move drivers, suite of relevant and competitive policy guidelines, processes, technology, and organisation design to support and underpin effective and streamlined service delivery.

I love helping and equipping HR and global mobility to successfully and simply deliver well governed programmes, and to ensure an enhanced global mobility experience. Our Advisory approach is always flexible and scalable, we apply a framework to guide direction, but can readily adapt the scope and content. We are not static or limited – we listen, create and tailor solutions, recognising that organisations have varied requirements.

Helen Squibb MCIPD

Global Mobility & HR Advisory

Helen has over 30 years Global Mobility experience, starting in-house managing the GM program for a FTSE100 manufacturing business before moving on to a major professional services firm as a client-facing consultant and then providing advice to a wide range of organisations as an independent consultant.

During her tenure in-house she managed a small team on all aspects of global mobility, from the strategic direction through to the practical programme management – for an assignee population covering over 45 different countries.

During her time as an independent GM consultant Helen worked with companies such as Goldman Sachs, Jaguar Land Rover, Hitachi, Baker Hughes, Diageo, Serco and Standard Chartered Bank. Helen’s work with these clients was varied, including projects such as strategic policy development; supplier reviews; specialist technology implementation; compensation reviews and process transformations. Helen excels on the creation and subsequent project management of GM transformations, creating or adapting models to provide a first-class customer service, developing processes, accompanying documentation and training as applicable.

Whilst continuing to offer business driven and tailored GM consultancy advice to K2’s clients, Helen has also project led some significant client implementations over the last two years – for example BAT; Boston Consulting Group; Vodafone, Diageo and Haleon. Each service implementation presented different challenges (including global pandemic restrictions), however Helen’s GM experience, communication skills and project integration abilities enabled the successful completion of each one. Helen managed the team of K2 experts working closely with the client’s specialists, ensuring delivery of relevant and efficient services, creating and rolling out communications and training K2 and client teams directly.

Utilising the understanding gained from that unique position of having been on both sides of the corporate “table” and with a wealth of experience from a variety of organisations and industries – Helen continues to provide K2’s clients with appropriate solutions – with a strong focus on the relevant strategic approaches and change management efficiencies.

K2 Ben Neville-Towle

Ben Neville-Towle

Head of GM Tax Advisory and Strategic Alliances

Ben joined K2 in 2023 as Head of GM Tax Advisory and Strategic Alliances, bringing with him 15 years’ experience in Global Mobility and Employment Tax.

Ben has held a variety of senior roles, including Tax Consulting, in-house Global Mobility and Employment Tax supporting small, medium and large multinationals and their assignees with their cross border tax and social security obligations.

Since 2011, Ben’s main focus has been on Financial Services, supporting some of the biggest names in Insurance, Banking and Private Equity. Through leading a variety of high touch client engagements, and working as part of internal HR and Finance Functions, Ben is uniquely placed to help navigate the challenges that clients face, and understands the need to tailor a solution that works best for each individual client, recognising that a “one size fits all” approach rarely works in practice.

“What drew me to the Global Mobility Industry in the first place was the people (shockingly – Tax wasn’t the main driver). There are very few industries that afford you the opportunity to meet such interesting, talented, and diverse people. I’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from some of the best people in the industry, and go on assignments myself – which were undoubtedly the highlight of my career to date.”

His focus will be on supporting K2s clients and client service teams with cross border tax and social security matters, as well as working closely with client’s and their Tax Advisors to deliver a seamless, and compliant tax reporting process.

Ben will also be responsible K2’s Strategic Alliances and Global Partnerships, with a focus on improving the way K2 works with its Partners to deliver efficiencies, and market leading service to our clients.

“When the chance to join K2 arose, I knew it was too good an opportunity to turn down. It’s not every day you get an opportunity to work for a Company who’s values align so closely with your own. I’ve always tried to build relationships based on trust, and doing the right thing – which may as well be K2s moto. I love that people here at K2 are authentic – everyone is encouraged to be themselves and no one check’s their personality at the front door. And if that wasn’t enough, Charity is extremely close to my heart, and seeing K2s commitment to supporting their amazing Charities through the K2 foundation made the decision to join an absolute no brainer.”

Jewels Harrington

Global Mobility & HR Advisory

Jewels joined K2 in 2012 and has over 20 years’ global mobility experience both in-house in the financial and investment banking sectors and through consultancy projects for a myriad of clients across industry.

She is dedicated to enhancing K2’s advisory service capability and establishing its reputation as a sector leader. Additionally, she offers internal advisory support, leads /works on global HR strategic projects, and actively engages in mentoring.

“I really enjoy advisory projects particularly where it’s necessary to work through complex issues and find innovative but practical solutions. My experience in-house leading on global mobility programmes means I fully understand the strategic context of global mobility issues from the client’s perspective.

The K2 culture is unlike any I have previously experienced. The entrepreneurial nature means that there is an openness to new ideas and suggestions where healthy challenge is valued. It’s a very solution-orientated organisation, but with a feeling of safety where people are empowered to make decisions and take ownership and accountability to lead on projects and grow and learn with the appropriate support.

When redesigning a global mobility programme, we work hard to adopt a strategic approach. We do this by investing time to understand the culture, people, HR & business strategy, move drivers and operations model. This combined with our in-house and industry experience and specialist mobility expertise gives us an aerial perspective and enables us to make the right connections to develop recommendations in line with the organisation and employee needs. We also use this insight to tailor all our recommendations and documentation to the organisation’s communication style and present them to internal stakeholders on company templates as if they were developed in-house.

What continuously motivates me is seeing the return on investment on behalf of a client, particularly through client and assignee feedback. Knowing we got it right and that things are running smoothly or that we’ve enabled a client to focus on the important aspects of their job and enhance their strategic value and outcomes rather than feeling trapped in the day-to-day transactional work, is the reward. Throughout this process, improving work life balance for all involved is a particular joy and focus of mine too.

I am passionate about building a culture of connection, conversation and personal relationships with clients and colleagues alike, understanding people and their needs and motivations. I am an encourager and like to empower people to deliver their best and build strong team working relationships. I always try to work from a point of empathy where I seek to understand the situation from another person’s perspective and then work to address the root of the issue.  Mentoring is a huge passion of mine and aligns perfectly with my strengths.

At the heart of everything we do in global mobility are people. It’s about companies investing in their people, their skills and their ability to deliver for them. A well devised and successful global mobility programme where employer and employee feel the right balance of service and benefit will only work to enhance this.”

K2 David Snowling profile image

David Snowling

Head of Global Immigration Services

David is a Global Mobility professional with over 20 years of Financial Services industry experience, David joined K2 in October 2022 following a 14-year period with AIG.

During his time with the company, he held a number of positions, including the role of Global Mobility Partner for Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As a Global Mobility Partner, in additional to having overall responsibility for all cross-border activity, including immigration and tax compliance across EMEA and APAC regions, David also supported the development of a significant organisational change strategy, as well as leading AIG’s international assignment and relocation programmes.

David joined the K2 Family in October 2022 as Head of Global Immigration Services and with that K2’s immigration services continues to go from strength to strength. Driven by the overarching aim of supporting client business strategy, our immigration business is seeing sustained growth through increased activity which has seen the expansion of our immigration footprint in Brazil supporting our client’s South American business, providing global capability, local expertise as well as cultural and bilingual knowledge and understanding across the region.

K2’s global immigration practice is a critical business within our professional services offering and therefore there is close partnership between our advisory, assignment management, tax, and immigration as we continue to build and provide these suites of services to our clients.

Bronwyn Bruno

Global Expense Management

Michelle Long Profile

Michelle Long

Global Assignment Manager

We offer a range of services aimed at simplifying your life and the lives of your assignees

Advisory services

Simply put, we provide you with a clear and objective perspective. This perspective can be difficult to come by when you’re immersed in the day-to-day operations of a business, focused on juggling multiple and often conflicting demands.

Assignment management

We become part of your team, whether that be on a short- or a long-term basis, and work with you on all aspects of operational day-to-day delivery and end-to-end case management.

GM Tax Advisory Services

We can help businesses identify, understand & address cross border tax and social security risks that may arise when their employees work overseas – either as part of a structured mobility program, regular business travel, or unstructured remote cross border working.

Shadow Payroll Solutions

A shadow payroll is a method used by employers to fulfil their local tax compliance and reporting requirements for employees on international assignment, or who trigger a secondary withholding tax liability in a different country.

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