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The problem we face in numbers


Years to decompose


Billion tonnes of carbon emissions


Million tonnes produced each year

The mission

Plastic-reduction in '24

The global mobility industry has relied heavily upon plastic packaging materials for decades.

For this reason, we have asked that by the end of Quarter 4 2024, all of our partners reduce the usage of vinyl tape, bubble wrap and polychips. We are encouraging partners to replace all three products with the following green alternatives:

  • Replace vinyl tape with paper tape.
  • Replace bubble wrap with paper bubble wrap, pleatwrap or paper blankets.
  • Replace polychips with paper void fill, paper bubble wrap or reused and then shredded paper.

The problem

Devastating environmental impact

The reliance on plastics usage has had and continues to have a devastating environmental impact, and it is the responsibility of every single player within our industry to change their behaviour in order to protect our planet.

Today, packaging materials form the largest part of the global market for plastics, with 141 million tonnes of it being produced each year. The amount of this material that is thrown away annually is enough to circle the globe four times over. Furthermore, the production, use and disposal of plastic packaging results in 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Read more from the UN on their action plan.

The big three in detail

Partner challenge

Setting our partners the challenge of reducing plastic usage is one of the many initiatives that sit within the Sustainability pillar of Kinetic, our five-year strategic business plan.

The aim of this pillar is threefold: to reduce the negative environmental impact that K2 has on the environment, to drive systemic change within the industry, and to safeguard the future of our business by ensuring that we grow without compromise.

Tackling the global plastics problem is a big step in the right direction, and some of our partners are already well ahead of the game.

Meet the partner challenge

Partners, show us you accept the challenge