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The UEFA European Football Championship will take place in Germany between 14th June and 14th July. Matches will be played in ten different cities: Hamburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Hotels and other forms of temporary accommodation in host cities will undoubtedly be hard to come by, however, K2’s partners are still reporting the availability of serviced accommodation. Destination service providers will carefully manage relocations into Germany to ensure minimal friction is caused by the European Championship and associated events.

The Jubilee (Giubleo) in Italy will span an entire year from December 2024 to December 2025. This, once every quarter-century event is expected to draw an estimated 32 million pilgrims to Rome. This has incentivised many homeowners to only offer their apartments for short-term accommodation throughout 2025. Many landlords have already begun to remove short-term options. Long-term accommodation solutions will undoubtedly prove challenging next year. For more information on the Jubilee.