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Serviced Apartments
As well as the shipment of Household Goods and the provision of Destination Services, K2 also specialises in the provision of temporary accommodation, often in the form of serviced apartments, for the first few weeks of an employee’s relocation to Dubai.

Jumeirah Living Marina Gate is one of K2’s chosen serviced apartment providers. Jumeirah provides exceptional destinations for urban living, with serviced apartments which offer fantastic views, transport links and numerous local amenities. They boast a total of 104 suites within their portfolio, any one of which could facilitate the perfect start to an employee’s Dubai journey.

Dubai’s Growing Population
Recently, there has been an increase in the price of temporary accommodation in Dubai. In 2023, almost 100,000 people relocated to the UAE. This was partly due to an influx of investors into Dubai, investors who were attracted by the significant return on investment that real estate in the Emirate offers.

Another factor which is contributing to the influx of people into Dubai is the recent increase in the availability of a number of visas which make it easier to enter the UAE. These visas, among other factors, have made it easier to conduct business within the area.

Unsurprisingly, the increase in population has had a direct impact on the housing market in Dubai. Limited supply and increased demand have led to a rise in the cost of both purchasing and renting.

Understanding the Local Housing Market
When relocating employees to Dubai, make sure you are prepared by ensuring you understand the housing market and how it works. Despite increases in sale and rental prices, property is still moving quickly. Securing property within residential areas can be challenging: demand for these areas (e.g Arabian Ranches) is high but availability is low. If your employees are moving into the city, make sure that they are aware of the need to act quickly: what is on the market today might not be there tomorrow.

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