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K2 South Africa is delighted to announce a new partnership with SOS Africa, which will see them sponsoring the education of five local children every month. Organised through the K2 Foundation, K2 is globally committed to supporting local charities through our regional offices and the South Africa team is looking forward to working with SOS Africa. 


Through SOS Africa, K2’s sponsorship will pay for the tuition fees of five children, from 1st September 2023, as they embark on their learning journey. The children involved in the partnership will be prepared for going to school for the first time through extra tuition and English learning packs provided by SOS Africa. The children will be joining Year R, the entry point for primary school learning in Africa. Aged 4, the children will be taught in English and this educational support will allow them to access opportunities which may have otherwise been out of reach for them.  


Alongside formal learning, the children will also experience a holistic approach to learning. A typical day begins with a morning in the classroom at Grabouw Primary School, followed by an afternoon at an SOS Africa Aftercare Centre. Afternoons begin with a healthy lunch and then targeted tuition, sports, life skills activities and mentoring sessions.  


Designed to help keep these children in education until high school graduation, the sponsorship is life-changing. It also offers the chance to experience school from start to finish, supporting the children on their journey and helping them to overcome any barriers in the way. 


K2 South Africa is looking forward to getting to know the children and will introduce them to the K2 teams globally. Once the children start school in January 2024, SOS Africa will send school reports, photo albums and updates so that K2 can share in their progress. As well as progress reports, in the future, the K2 South Africa team will get to visit the children when they’ve settled into life at school and enjoyed a few years in education. For the team, meeting the children will be a very rewarding and special moment and, for the children, they will have the chance to meet the team that is supporting this fantastic opportunity for them.   


SOS Africa invest 100% of all donations to the education of African children. Dedicated to working with smaller groups of children, SOS Africa delivers more targeted and impactful support that tailors education and development around the needs of the individual. The charity is committed to creating actionable opportunities by empowering the children to break the cycle of poverty in order to reach their potential. With the first graduates that came through the scheme now in university or in full-time employment, SOS Africa is the perfect partner for the K2 Foundation. Their work directly improves both the current lives of children as well as their future prospects through education. This approach and ethos resonate entirely with the aims of the K2 Foundation.   


To learn more about the K2 Foundation, click HERE.

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