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We are proud to announce that we have now published our inaugural Sustainability Report. The report provides a detailed account of our initiatives, actions and ambitions within the connected spheres of sustainability and ESG. 

What is the purpose of the report?

As a business, we are committed to transparent disclosure: publishing our sustainability report enables us to provide interested parties with all the details relating to the way that we run our business, the commitments we have made and our progress towards them. The report – and each annual report that follows – will also provide us with a holistic way of monitoring our progress, ensuring that we stick to our targets and helping us to identify areas for improvement. 

What is included within the report?

As a very high-level summary, the report begins with a message from our CEO, Nick Plummer, who states that “At K2, while we still have a long journey to travel, I am proud of how our ESG strategy has developed and of what we have achieved to support climate action and sustainability.” It then goes on to outline K2’s vision, mission and principles, introduce our Sustainability Team and set out the structure of our Sustainability Programme. Next up is an explanation of our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and to integrating sustainability into our business – this includes detail on the EcoVadis Sustainability Assessment. The report concludes with sections on our people, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, our Charitable Support Programme, systemic mindset change, and partnerships (e.g our partnership with the University of Bath)/memberships. 

Some thoughts on the report from our people

Linda Rafferty, Global Head of Compliance & ESG, explains the reasoning behind producing our Sustainability Report: “For a long time, sustainability was something that people just thought about; now we need to act on those thoughts. Sustainability is at the forefront of almost every discussion about businesses and their plans for the future – and rightly so. By producing a report of this sort, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, which is already embedded within our Kinetic business plan. We also set out accountabilities and ensure that the changes we make going forward are meaningful. James Marshall, Global Marketing Director, describes the report as “an effective way of challenging both ourselves and our industry to prioritise sustainability”, and for Phil Hunt, Managing Director – Americas, the report is “hugely motivating – whilst it shows that our actions are having a real impact, it also shows that we have a very long way to go and that to achieve our ultimate goal of a sustainable future for the global mobility industry, true commitment to change from each and every one of us will be required. 


To view or download our ESG Report, please click HERE. Should you have any questions, comments or feedback related to the report, please email 

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