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The event took place at Blick Rothenberg’s London offices in Covent Garden. The event opened with a session on Aligning reward frameworks with mobility strategy, delivered by Rehana Earle, Partner – Global Mobility, and Stuart Hyland, Partner – Reward Services, from Blick Rothenberg.

During this session, Rehana and Stuart led a thought-provoking discussion around the global landscape for pay transparency and regulations, focussing on the EU Pay Transparency Directive, and the potential implications of its implementation for organisations.

Stuart explained:
“The incoming EU Pay Transparency Directive is the latest pay transparency regulation to come into effect and follows the trend adopted by a number of US states, Australia and an increasing number of countries in Asia. The EU regulations are much more comprehensive than anything that has gone before, and their impact is expected to be felt well beyond the EU into closely related employment markets, especially in the UK”.

Stuart continued:
“The regulations represent a significant shift in employment practices. We would advise all employers, whether they have people in the EU or not, to get familiar with the EU Pay Transparency Directive and prepare to make changes to the way they manage and communicate reward in their business. Taking a considered and planful approach will help an employer to use the new regulations as an opportunity to enhance their employer brand and reputation in the market”.

Additionally, Stuart and Rehana provided suggestions of practical steps and considerations for pay transparency readiness within global mobility.

After a short break, proceedings resumed with an interactive session facilitated by Taryn Whitfield, Jewels Harrington, and Ben Neville-Towle, of K2’s Global Mobility Advisory team. Attendees were invited to take An inward look at their GM teams, with a particular focus on their global mobility mission, vision and strategy. In small groups, attendees spent time discussing their teams, training and tools, sharing personal experience on how to get the best from their GM team, how to provide growth and how to enable development. In addition, the breakout groups gave participants the chance to troubleshoot issues and work together to spot opportunities. A key theme that emerged from the discussions was the value and importance of these types of forums and roundtables in facilitating peer learning.

On the effectiveness of running in-person partnership events like the London Roundtable, Taryn comments:
“Joint events like this one facilitate knowledge-sharing and enable K2 clients, as well as members of our extended network, to benefit from the expertise of presenters across multiple organisations, and to extend their community and network.

They also give us a platform through which to get to grips with the common challenges mobility teams are facing, to help us all further tailor our service offering and the support that we provide.”

Taryn continues:
“We are extremely grateful to Blick Rothenberg for hosting this event and look forward to partnering on further sessions in the future.”