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In February 2022, K2 joined the UN Global Compact (UNGC) – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

As a participating company, we are committed to the UNGC’s ten principles regarding human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, making them part of our strategy, culture and daily operations.

Aligning with our sustainable pledges comes transparency in our reporting. On July 6th, the UNGC held a Climate Ambition Accelerator (CAA) Alumni Meeting plan, giving the chance for Linda Rafferty, Global Head of Compliance and ESG at K2, to share with the Global Compact our key steps in the past six months to further progress towards our science-based target ambitions.

The Climate Ambition Accelerator Programme provides education for a company to progress in setting science-based emissions targets, and ultimately to ease their transition to net-zero. Having completed the programme, K2 was invited to attend the CAA Alumni Meeting plan.

Linda explains: “K2 were asked to present and share our progress towards setting or achieving their science-based targets, having attended the ambition accelerator sessions with the UN. This was an informative session as we were joined by large manufacturing organisations. It was very interesting to see that despite all our differing sizes, we all had exactly the same challenges, to differing degrees.”

K2’s science-based targets, presented by Linda Rafferty include:

Our Steps Towards SBTi
  • K2 appointed a carbon footprint assessor
  • We have collected data for Scope 1 and 2, for 2021 and 2022
  • Scope 3:
    • Material impact assessment, high impact categories identified
    • 1 (Purchased goods and services), 4 (Upstream transport and distribution), 5 (Waste generated in operations), 6 (Business travel), and 7 (Employee commuting)
  • SME application process
Our Challenges
  • SBTi, how to meet the 42% near term 2030 reduction in emissions
    • 65% of employees work in offices using 100% renewables in the baseline year (2021).
  • Scope 3 data
  • Partner actions in category 1 (Purchased goods and services), 4 (Upstream transport and distribution)
  • How to change the mindsets of our K2 employees, partners and clients towards more sustainable actions.
  • Accuracy of data, methods to apply
Where we are today
  • Completed GHG Inventory Scope 1 and 2
  • Emission reduction plan to meet Near Term and Net Zero targets
  • Apply for:
    • Near Term in Q3 2023
    • Net Zero in Q4 2023
  • Linked with the University of Bath who are undertaking a sustainable procurement study across our supply chain, providing further evidence of our commitment to deliver systemic change across the Global Mobility industry.

The Climate Ambition Accelerator Alumni Meeting allowed K2 the chance to display our progress since completing the CAA Programme. Interested in finding out more about K2’s sustainability goals and ambitions? You can find out everything K2 are doing to guide our sustainable efforts in our Sustainability Report.

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