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Introducing the new points-based immigration framework for Singapore

The Singapore government is implementing a points-based immigration framework which took effect on 1 September 2023 for new Employment Pass (EP) applications, and will take effect on 1 September 2024 for EP renewals.

The points-based framework is called COMPASS and stands for Complementarity Assessment Framework. The aim is for employers in Singapore to hire highly-skilled professionals, while maintaining a diverse workforce with a strong Singaporean core.

The two stages of COMPASS

An EP candidate must pass two stages to be considered for an EP. These stages are:

Stage 1:

The EP candidate must meet the minimum qualifying salary, which increases progressively with age and varies depending on which sector the hiring company is operating in. You can find more details on the minimum qualifying salary here.

Stage 2:

The EP candidate must pass the points-based framework by scoring at least 40 points based on six different criteria.

For more information

Please connect with Jesper Albrekt, one of our immigration specialists in Singapore, to discuss any specific needs or questions you may have.

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