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The Americas: Following the Baltimore container ship crash and bridge collapse, we have reached out to our partners and asked them to share our condolences with any colleagues or contacts who’ve been affected by the incident. Currently, it is too soon to advise if any of our shipments have been impacted – we are monitoring the situation closely and will share updates as and when they come through. We are anticipating onward delays as container ships and US domestic trucks will need to divert to avoid the crash site until investigative and reconstruction work has been completed. We will of course keep you updated.

Overall inflation pressures have led to trucking rates within the USA and Canada increasing by approximately 2-3% over the past few months.

Ethiopia: Whilst the situation in the Red Sea is sometimes leading to longer transit times, it is possible to collect empty containers in Addis and use alternative transhipment ports in South Asia via feeder vessels to ensure that cargo keeps moving. A solid alternative to this is to truck into Kenya and export via the Port of Mombasa.

DRC: Diplomatic shipments continue to experience delays into the DRC due to increased bureaucracy from the Inspectorate General of Finance. This increase is the consequence of the IGF uncovering bogus diplomatic exemption documents during the second half of 2023.

Niger: Whilst most borders remain closed, the border to Burkina Faso has re-opened. However, access remains risky from a security point of view. The Cotonou and Lome ports of entry are workable for Niger shipments.

The Red Sea: Due to the ongoing security risk, the situation remains largely unchanged with services continuing to be routed via the Cape of Good Hope. The result: some extended and variable transit times, gaps in schedules, and congestion at ports. Emergency Contingency Charges remain in place and are unlikely to be removed/reduced significantly while transit via the Suez Canal/the Red Sea is deemed unsafe.

The Panama Canal: The Panama Canal region is still experiencing a drought, resulting in significant shipping delays and elevated shipping rates. Water levels in Gatún Lake, which holds the water supply needed to operate the Canal’s lock systems, are the lowest that they’ve been since 1995.

India: In response to the Red Sea situation, some shipments are being moved by air freight rather than sea freight, which is resulting in airlines becoming overbooked.

  • UAE | 11th March – 9th April | Ramadan
  • South Africa | May | National Elections
  • Paris, France | 20th May – 9th June | French Open (tennis)
  • Various cities across Germany | 14th June – 14th July | Euro 2024 (football)
  • London, UK | 1st – 14th July | Wimbledon (tennis)
  • Various cities across France | 26th July – 26th August | Paris 2024 Olympics
  • Various cities across France | 26th August – 8th September | Paris 2024 Paralympics

Where possible, K2 strongly advises making bookings as early as possible for any French, German or UK assignments which coincide with any of the above events.