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K2 USA have run a 6 part virtual roundtable series titled Future Proofing Mobility post Covid-19.

For an introduction to the series, and an overview of session one please read previous articles, session 1 and session 2.

The third roundtable in the series was held at the very end of April and explored International Household Goods (HHG) and Destination Services- Orientation and Home Finding. The session was again facilitated by Brad Shepard, Vice President of Business Development in the US, and Eric Pengelly, Director, Global Account Management.

The session began with a presentation from our K2 HHG expert Esteban Vela, Vendor Manager who discussed the current situation of HHG services from an international perspective.  Esteban explained how the variance in regulations across locations internationally, leads to a variance in HHG impacts and possibility. The roundtable reflected on this and discussed what post covid-19 challenges are likely, and planned for some possible solutions and recommended best practices, both for now and the future.

The group then heard from Doug MacMillan, Manager Global Client Solutions, IOR Global Services, who opened the discussion around destination services, specifically orientation and home finding. Doug talked through the current landscape, highlighting the ever-increasing role of virtual support, and laid out strategies for success during this time, as well as indicating what the long term future impacts on destination services might be. The group then drew recommendations through discussing the potential challenges but also opportunities presented by this shift in service provision.

Want to find out more?

A full session summary with all the key informaiton and session recomendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire about upcoming virtual roundtables, please contact Brad Shepard, at

The next overview available is: Session 4, US Domestic Home Sale and Purchase.

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