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The most rewarding part of my role as an Operational Lead is witnessing the progression and success of my pod members. A significant amount of my time is devoted to guiding my pod members through daily tasks and challenges. Watching them overcome obstacles to complete their tasks to an exceptionally high standard imbues me with a strong sense of achievement. Having helped to guide my team to a desired end goal, I share their feelings of fulfilment and achievement. We are a team and as cliché as it may sound, their success is mine, and mine theirs. 

As an Operational Lead, I am tasked with helping to maintain K2’s consistently exemplary service levels. Myself and my team continually push the boundaries of what we consider ‘exemplary’ to be: exceeding expectations in this way is something that really motivates and fulfils me. 

I believe I speak for all of us Operational Leads when I say I am incredibly proud to be part of our seven-person-strong team. Our compassion, knowledge, experience, resilience and care enable us to build and guide high-achieving operations pods. Our pod members produce outstanding results, take immense pride in doing so and are fuelled by an enduring passion for their role. 

An Operational Lead is responsible for much more than just managing processes. As my colleagues have mentioned (link to Part II), a significant element of the role is the leadership of our pod members: strong leadership facilitates the smooth operation of day-to-day processes and alignment with K2’s strategic goals.  

Operational Leads are responsible for executing the strategy set by higher management. We make sure this is possible by:

  • Ensuring everyone has the tools necessary to perform their role 
  • Liaising with different departments 
  • Managing responsibilities 
  • Distributing workload 
  • Fostering career development