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As global mobility professionals, we can all agree that 2020 has presented challenges that were unforeseen and unplanned for. Moving into the final quarter of this year, these multifaceted challenges that we are dealing with have not gone away — and perhaps they will not for the foreseeable…but it’s not all doom and gloom!

By reactively dealing with all of the hurdles of 2020, we have all gained insight and experience into how to deal with situations that were previously nothing to do with our job role.

At K2, our Advisory team have put their heads together, to draw upon their experiences of the past year, and have used these valuable insights to produce a planning and preparation tool, for our global mobility network to use and benefit from.

We are hoping to not hear the word ‘unprecedented’ as much in 2021- and for us all to be better prepared, and better equipped for this ever changing scenario we are all dealing with.

Want to learn more about the tool K2 have developed? Read all about it here.

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