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Midlands Global Mobility Forum (MGMF)


The MGMF is an annual event which brings together GM and HR professionals to discuss pertinent global mobility topics, facilitating knowledge-sharing and the forging of new connections. This year, the event included the following sessions:

The Modern Mobile Family, led by Tom Drew and Emma Kerslake

This session focused on how best to support the modern mobile family, which no longer tends to fit into the nuclear family model. There is a need for flexibility when it comes to global mobility policies, thus allowing for different family situations and guarding against the risk of ‘outing’ someone to the business.

Immigration Updates, led by Simon Higson: This session saw Simon discussing the following points:

  • Electronic Travel Authorisation
  • EU Settlement Scheme: Auto 2-Year Extension
  • Student and Graduate Visa updates
  • Home Office fees and Clawback Clauses
  • Application processing times
  • BRP removal by December 2024
  • HR compliance and Right To Work

Global Geo-Politics and their Impact on Business Volatility, led by KPMG

This session set out the top geo-political crises, addressed how the rise in global conflict (particularly the conflict in the Middle East and the war in Ukraine) is driving business volatility, and explored the way in which geopolitical tensions are reshaping globalisation. In addition, the session considered demographic decline, discussed weapons of mass disruption in the form of AI, and listed 2023’s top geopolitical risks – as defined by Eurasia Group.

An Introduction to the Matt Hampson Foundation, led by Dan Hipkiss

In this session, Dan explained how the Foundation has created a network of people who have been seriously injured through sport. He also walked attendees through the OK Corral, which is a method of understanding where people sit on the Acceptance – Judgement scale.

Life in My Own Hand, led by Henry Dunn, a young man who suffered a life-changing injury whilst travelling and working

In this session, Henry provided an insight into his journey through physiotherapy towards self-acceptance, weighing up the pain of discipline against the pain of regret.

North East Mobility Forum (NEMF)


Facilitated by Huw Thomas, the NEMF is an annual knowledge-sharing and networking K2 event for GM and HR professionals. This year, the event included the following sessions:

An Update on the 2024 Paris Olympics, led by Julie Sinacori and Bernie Hillewaert

This session outlined the challenges relating to relocation, HHG and travel which may be experienced as a result of the Games – both the Olympics and the Paralympics. Julie and Bernie also listed all of the Olympic venues in and around Paris.

The Process of setting up a New Assignment, led by Hazel Liebscher from Cundall

This session covered policies and the three phases of setting up a new assignment: Feasibility and Business Case, Approved Business Plan, and Move to Operational.

Tax Updates and Remote Working, led by Davyd Fisher from Grant Thornton UK

In this session, Davyd spoke about how shifting economic conditions influence the use and rationale for tax reliefs, delved into the dialogue on remote and hybrid working, and illustrated the remote working mobility spectrum (which ranges from employee hired in a foreign country/fully remote company to business traveller). Davyd also discussed the wording of the Double Tax Treaty, considered United Nations potential reform, and suggested additional “remote work” wording, before concluding the session with two remote working case studies.

An Introduction to the K2 Foundation, led by Richard Rutledge and Emma Kerslake

In this session, Richard and Emma set out the aims of the Foundation and spoke in detail about K2’s epic global fundraiser for 2023, the Nepal Trip.

Should you wish to view the slide deck for either or both forums, please email Event Specialist Emma Kerslake on