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Work experience is all about learning. For students and young adults, even just a day of shadowing a department in an office immerses them into the work environment, enabling them to pick up skills and knowledge they would not be able to find elsewhere.

This summer at K2 has seen a number of work experience students join our UK team, getting a taste for what it is like to work within the Global Mobility Industry. Whether they were with us for just one day or for a couple of weeks, all the students threw themselves into the fast-paced environment of our UK office. It was their enthusiasm for the several roles and projects they were tasked with that really showcased their aptitude for learning.  

The students had the opportunity to shadow our experts in Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Compliance & ESG, gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of our company. Tasks they were involved in include the assistance in the filming and editing of K2’s Best Workplaces for Women announcement video. Another, was the testing of our new website. Not only did they inform our teams of any issues they found, but they also had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas in a ‘website workshop’, putting forward any suggestions they had for improving our websites.  

To this end, not only was this a chance for development and growth for the students, but this was also a rewarding experience for our departments as well. Having the perspective of those from outside the company can bring fresh ideas, and whilst the students were completely new to the Global Mobility industry, their thoughts and ideas were very much welcomed into the office. 

Brian Bunting, K2 Training and Development Manager, comments: 

“When I did work experience many years ago, I spent most of my time filing and photocopying and proofreading documents. These tasks didn’t inspire me, and it was hard to get motivated. At K2, we wanted to create an environment where work experience students would be excited to come into our office and learn, where the tasks that were set actually count for something meaningful, and give our staff the chance to learn something from the students as well.”  

Towards the end of their work experience, we asked for some feedback on how the students found their time at K2 

Throughout my work experience, I have demonstrated my ability to adapt to different work environments and customer preferences. I have gained a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, giving me much food for thought when it comes to considering a future career. – Work experience student from Gordan’s School, Surrey. 

I have found the two weeks that I spent with K2 to be engaging and informative. While walking through the office, I saw a happy, lively family. I got to see how K2 operates, and learnt about their motto of “because it’s personal”. These past two weeks have not been laborious but instead have been really good fun. Taking part in meetings, testing the website and graphic design tasks led to me having a fulfilling time at K2.” Work experience student from Ash Manor School, Aldershot. 

Interested in an opportunity such as this?

If you are interested in the idea of work experience days at K2, you can get in touch here.