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Join us for our next Virtual Round Table!

Join us on the 9th November for the Global Immigration Updates Virtual Round Table.

Come join K2’s esteemed immigration experts as we dive into the latest global immigration updates. Engage in lively group discussions and have all your burning questions answered.

K2’s Virtual Round Table series invites a network of global mobility professionals to participate in open discussion on a number of hot topics. Join David Snowling from K2 UK, Carolina Carnauba from K2 Brazil, Julie Seifert from K2 US, Jesper Albrekt from K2 Singapore and Johnathan Hammond and Cheryl Geiser from Klug Law Firm, who make up our panel of immigration experts.

This Virtual Round Table will take place at 10am (CT) on the 9th November – we’d love you to join us for an hour of Immigration updates and answers.

We hope to see you there !