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Made up of representatives from across the business, K2’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has a simple mission: to make K2 the best place to work and grow.

Until the end of 2026, K2’s growth and development will be driven by Kinetic, the company’s current strategic business plan. Kinetic is built upon six foundational pillars, one of which is People & Culture. The ELT play a pivotal role in ensuring that we fulfil this pillar, one which challenges us to invest in our people and maintain our familial culture as we grow.  

Fulfilment comes through the range of initiatives that the ELT develop, the most recent being Q. Q is the way that we define the elements of K2’s culture which make it unique. For example, the complete absence of ego in a team when it comes to getting a project over the line, managers who value their team members’ success above their own, and the commitment to going above and beyond in order to provide clients with a uniquely personal service offering. It is cultural elements like these which enabled us to become Great Place To Work® certified at the end of last year, and which we are hopeful will bring about positive results from our recent client survey. 

By drawing multiple cultural elements together into a single concept, Q, the ELT have given us a way of talking coherently about our culture, which is especially useful when discussing it with people who haven’t experienced it. They have also given us a way of rewarding members of the K2 Family who make that extra effort to enrich our culture: we recognise those members for really channelling or embodying Q and present them with a Q Award. The award takes the form of a monetary prize which the winners may expense on an activity of their choosing. 

K2’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) should not be confused with its Senior Leadership Team (SLT). Whilst the SLT has multiple focus areas, People & Culture is the ELT’s sole focal point, giving them the time to develop truly robust initiatives and enabling them to advocate for K2’s people and culture from a position that hasn’t been influenced by more corporate concerns such as commercial success. The value of having such an independent and organised advocate for the K2 Family cannot be underestimated: the ELT ensure that everyone within the company, regardless of their position, has a voice, and we believe that it is this advocacy and absence of hierarchy that makes K2’s culture so unique. 

To conclude, the value of the ELT lies in the initiatives that they develop and in their role as advocate for the K2 Family, both of which help us to fulfil the People & Culture pillar of Kinetic. Earlier this year, on Employee Recognition Day, we stated that “we truly believe that our people are our greatest asset”. Having a body of people within the business which works to ensure that every member of the K2 Family feels valued, supported and empowered to be the best that they possibly can be, is our way of protecting, promoting and investing in that asset.