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In the first episode of the podcast, ‘Expedition of a Lifetime’, Emma is joined by Taryn Whitfield and Natasha Wannenburg to discuss K2’s recent Nepal Expedition. Based in the UK and South African offices respectively, Taryn and Natasha were two members of the twenty-four strong global team that headed out to Nepal at the end of 2023, with the aim of raising funds for The K2 Foundation.

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The Nepal Expedition Team was split into two subgroups: the walkers and the workers. The walkers were tasked with taking on the Everest Base Camp Trek, whilst the workers were assigned a number of different volunteering projects in remote communities on the outskirts of Pokhara.

With Taryn signing up to be part of the group of volunteers and Natasha opting to take on the Base Camp trek, their time in Nepal was spent very differently, and yet they both came away with the same feelings of connectivity, fulfilment, and gratitude.

From finding out that they had been selected, to the preparations undertaken in advance of setting off, Taryn and Natasha take Emma through the steps that led to their journey to Nepal, as well as share their experiences of working and walking through the trip of a lifetime.