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Meet Paul, Managing Director, APAC

My foundational experience has come from a variety of customer and corporate services roles in different industries which led me eventually to the outsourced HR services sector. I entered the world of relocation and global mobility in 2007 (12 months before the financial crash of 2008) and now have over 17 years’ experience partnering with clients, customers and colleagues in support of their global programmes.

Paul's areas of expertise

Languages spoken

English, very basic / bad French and shockingly no Mandarin!

I’ve always had a passion for people and service which has influenced my choice of role / company and is ultimately what attracted me to K2.

I first became aware of them in my last job by virtue of K2 being a client-directed supplier for senior-level moves for a global client. The highly positive way in which the client spoke about K2’s support and especially how their people were the key differentiator made me very curious to learn more. What followed can best be described as a “courtship”, as over the course of 6 months I met regularly with Phil Hunt and gained a greater understanding of who and what made K2 tick. At the end of this period we decided to “go steady” and I joined the account management team alongside Eric Pengelly, Phil, Bernie Hillewaert and Richard Rutledge who made my transition one of the easiest and most fun I have ever experienced! 

Nick Plummer, K2’s CEO, then entrusted me with the opportunity to spend 6 months in Singapore providing interim management support to our APAC team, which I was able to convince him to convert into a local contract. Since taking on this role in 2018, I have tried my best to step into his sizeable shoes and lead our amazing Singapore and Sydney teams through K2’s evolutionary journey, as we’ve more than doubled in size (both our people and our revenue!), embracing new clients, customers and operational challenges along the way.

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