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Meet Patricia, our Brazil Country Director

With almost 30 years of experience in the industry, 25 years in corporate and now 3 as a vendor, I feel comfortable in saying that I know this industry inside out. It is important to highlight that knowing both sides makes our understanding scope wider and easier to have the necessary empathy to seek the best solution and understand better the opportunities that arise. I have held various HR roles, starting in junior levels and rising to Head of Americas for both companies that I worked for.

Patricia's areas of expertise

Languages spoken

Portuguese, English and Spanish fluently and intermediate Italian and French

Having worked for twenty years in financial services and 5 years at Consumer Goods as an HR corporate I was able to learn from the beginning how important it is to always understand that strategy behind every action and movement you take in your day to day needs to be related to the company strategy.

Once you understand the strategy, results show up much easier, as you are aligned with objectives and goalsTo get there you must identify your internal and external stakeholders, be creative, innovative and most of all, you must have confidence to “dare”. 

I discovered K2 at my last job, and soon established that we have much in common, same personal/human touch that I feel is fundamental for professionals that work with Talent Mobility, as we work with people behind the “assignee” classification. We have families that are counting on us to support and help them, so we cannot become robots. Use technology for all controls, tasks, processes that will make your operational life easier, but do not forget the importance of being present and understanding the assignee. 

I feel lucky that K2 saw in me as a client an opportunity to make K2 expand, and I am really proud of all that we have done and reached in these 3 years that I have been here.  

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