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Meet Linda, our Global Head of Compliance and ESG

I have been with K2 for over 11 years. My background is in project management, having worked as a Training Exec for Tesco for 10 years (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth).

During that time I managed teams of varying sizes, and was responsible for the creation and delivery of training programmes, designing training materials and co-ordinating accompanying training videos, alongside organising huge company conferences for 1000+ delegates, helping board members write and visualise scripts and teaching presentations skills.

I then had my two daughters and son and went to live in Hong Kong, and then India, but continued working on conferences as a consultant. This personal experience of relocating, alongside my project management expertise, stood me in good stead when joining K2.

Linda's areas of expertise

Languages spoken

Unfortunately I do not speak any other language to any level of proficiency, despite having lived in Spain, HK & India! It’s something I would change in my younger self if I could.

I started out in finance, but that wasn’t a good fit for me. K2 quickly realised that my strengths lay in people and projects, rather than figures, so I moved into an office management role, before transferring across again to HR and completing an HR qualification with the support of the company.

In 2015 I found myself taking on Compliance, specifically managing ISO certifications to begin with, then data protection. This role grew and grew, as did the studying required, and I started looking after K2’s compliance and environmental agenda, and became lead internal auditor. 

Obtaining our first ISO in information security back in 2017 was a huge achievement. As with all our ISOs, working towards our first certification involved building systems and processes that have achieved many accolades from auditors around the world and stood the test of time, growing and maturing with the organisation. 

The collaboration with all areas of the business is probably my favourite part of my role, no two days are ever the same – K2 never stays still, it is always evolving. 

The environmental landscape has changed massively over that time. The industry has woken up and found things need to improve, we all have accountability for the impact we are having. I have learned so much whilst fulfilling our reporting requirements globally. 

I feel I have grown the company’s compliance programme in my time here. As a business we have grown substantially, so it was necessary for it to grow with us. The more we dealt with highly regulated organisations, the more we needed to ensure we were aligned with their needs. This has been a major driver in the development of the robust compliance programme we have today.  

We pride ourselves on having a global team of well-trained employees who are accountable for the data we hold and process and are aware of the importance of data protection. Employees who are trained in data protection, information security, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering. 

We have also increased our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) training, with the launch of True Q, our reinvigorated global DE&I programme.

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