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K2’s culture is the beating heart of the business. By building and nurturing teams that respect, understand and willingly support each other, K2 is able to deliver a quality of service which we believe to be unrivalled within the global mobility industry. We know what the most effective way of communicating with each other is. We know when to step in and offer support, and when to step back and give time. We know that both praise and compassion go a long way: our because it’s personal ethos is not reserved solely for our clients.

With building and nurturing our teams being such a critical part of our business, Kinetic Day is one of the most important events in the K2 calendar.

Whether it be through taking to the battlefield and launching water balloons at each other using self-built catapults, or delivering a talk on happiness to those living in flats designed for rental by the elderly, the activities of the day help strengthen our connection with each other, galvanising the togetherness of the teams that deliver the personal K2 service.