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Meet Jose, our Head of Partner Relationships

Since leaving University my career has been focused on Global Mobility and managing relocation for corporate clients and in the last 6 years working with our Supply Chain Teams managing our valued partner relationships. Having worked in a range of different roles at a number of RMCs and K2, I have a depth of understanding of the challenges that our clients and their assignees face and the value we bring.

Jose's areas of expertise

Languages spoken

English, Spanish (fluent) and Portuguese (basic level)

After joining K2 in 2008, it was clear that something about the company was different. Being part of a family, and that every single K2 employee is able and actively encouraged to make a positive contribution to the growth of the company.

We are empowered to make decisions that will benefit our customers and K2. 

I have benefitted from being able to take on a number of roles, from Relocation Manager to Regional Account Management for a key client, and my current role as Head of Partner Relationships Supply Chain.    

One of the most rewarding and challenging periods was during the pandemic when I had the opportunity to be seconded to a client for 6 months to train their team managing their Global Mobility Program. Training a team 100% virtually taught me so much about how to stay connected to teams virtually when you are not working in the same office.

I feel blessed to work in an organisation that values our people as our greatest asset. The investment in our people makes K2 industry leaders. I feel fortunate to work alongside such amazing K2 colleagues, benefitting from sharing experiences, constantly learning and enhancing our skills. 

Having seen incredible growth over my 16 years at K2, it is certainly true that at K2 we never stand still. The need to innovate and evolve is as strong as ever. I am still excited for the future and am looking forward to making my contribution!  

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