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Meet James, our Global Marketing Director

I'm an experienced, dedicated and creative team player with skills in marketing design, with a passion for bringing brands alive on the page, in a digital world and within client spaces.

James's areas of expertise

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I take pride in being able to listen to people, understand their needs and requirements and then creatively convert them into enjoyable, consuming experience.

Even before I came on board with K2, it was clear to me that they were different to other businesses in the industry.

Market disruptors, in the most positive sense, they have worked hard to create a unique brand and company culture over the last 20 years. At K2 we pride ourselves on being pro-active and responsive, placing priority on consistently delivering positive outcomes and service excellence for clients.

K2 is in an exciting period of growth, and I’m excited to play a role in supporting the company’s evolution and ensuring growth without compromise, whilst continuing to help our clients find the solutions that help them to attract, retain and mobilise their talent and achieve their business goals.

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