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What’s your name, your job title, and how long have you worked at K2?
My name is Martini Ong. I am a Training & Development Manager, and I have worked at K2 for 12 years.

As a member of the X Annos community, what motivates you to keep working at K2?
The team spirit. The never-say-die attitude – there is always a solution to every problem. And knowing that someone always has your back.

What does gender inclusivity mean to you?
Genderless assessment of one’s ability. There is no judgement related to whether you wear pants or a skirt, loafers or high heels. It is your ability that shines the brightest.

What advice would you give to women aspiring to leadership roles in the business world, based on your own experiences and insights?
Don’t be afraid to be judged. Be open to ideas. Think about things from multiple points of view, as this really helps to break down barriers between people, getting everyone to a place of common understanding.

How has K2 supported your career growth over the last 10+ years?
By giving me so many opportunities to venture into new territories and to take up new challenges. In addition, by giving me a supportive management team that is open to ideas and is willing to explore solutions together. This team has helped me to build confidence in myself and to grow as an individual.

Can you share a pivotal moment in your career journey, one which has shaped who you are today?
For me, it hasn’t really been about pivotal moments. Rather, it’s been about lots of little moments which have built up and up over time, slowly coming together to make me who I am today.

How do you think that K2 is challenging the Status Quo in the global mobility industry?
By focusing on the human factor when we deal with our clients, and by being transparent when it comes to dealing with issues – both of these practices enable us to build trust and credibility. Managing a relocation is not just about working your way through a string of checklist tasks. It is about the people you are moving and their relocation experience.

How can more companies foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for women?
Through a change of mindset. By rejecting the typecasting of women. By letting women’s achievements do the talking, and then making sure that they don’t ignore those voices.