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The relationship between K2 and Equus Software is a very important one. As a global mobility relocation provider, we rely on Equus for its unique global workforce management solution.

A two-way ecosystem

Working together, we have created a two-way ecosystem based on AssignmentPro. It provides faultless communication in real-time via the K2 Ascent system, enabling the transmission of documents and data relating to our clients’ employees, assignments and service-related items. Because it connects the clients’ software to ours so smoothly, workflows are efficient, and communication is effortless.

The team at K2 make use of the ecosystem connection daily. By using this sophisticated software and communication tool, the time taken to complete a project is just 10 days. This illustrates that the flow of data between a client’s software and ours is incredibly smooth and efficient, enabling targets and goals to be met.

Fast track two-way application programming interface (API) status

Our work with the Equus ecosystem team has been revolutionary, putting in place a powerful ‘fast-track’ two-way application programming interface connection that can deal with everything, from arranging the transportation of furniture, fixing temporary accommodation, or even dealing with immigration matters and the rental of a suitable home.

The ecosystem is made up of a complex mix of software tools, applications and libraries plus software frameworks and programming languages. In non-technical language, the ecosystem can be thought of as a sophisticated community built around a software tool or library.

The Equus two-way ecosystem connection that links to the K2 Ascent system can support all types of documentation including the initial service order, initiation documentation, confirmation to the provider, regular updates and transmission of documents from the provider.

Service orders are placed using a standard email template with a K2 distribution address. If extensions or repatriations are required, this is taken care of by a new service order and email. Service orders cover a whole range of items such as shipping of household goods, assignment initiation, relocation management and much more.

If the relationship between K2 and Equus did not exist, then the landscape could be very different. Problems could arise between us and our clients as our respective systems might not be compatible and therefore unable to communicate with each other directly. Reliable two-way communication would be a struggle and project completion times would be difficult to predict.

Mike Kennedy, Chief Technology Officer comments
“K2 has been in partnership with Equus since 2015 based on both companies recognising the value of creating ecosystems and the associated STP (straight through processing) to generate true business efficiencies. This relationship has grown into K2 and Equus now being able to integrate our clients on a 10 day fast-track commitment. Technology innovation for real client value is at the heart of K2’s Kinetic strategy for technology, and our 2-way API connectivity with Equus is a perfect example of delivery on this objective.

In reality this form of strategic investment has a wider impact than just Equus, K2 and our Client, we are basically joining our ecosystems to the benefit of all. This can only enhance the ultimate Assignee experience and Client HR efficiencies. Additionally, and crucially, data protection and information security is core to any solution we develop so with STP through APIs comes a more secure data exchange in an industry which must maintain a high bar in this area on behalf of its clients”.

Members of the K2 team can confidently deal with each project, knowing that the Equus ecosystem puts them in full control. A 10-day completion window is the norm with documents flowing smoothly between the K2 team and the client.

Our reputation as a first-class global mobility relocation provider is based on our efficiency and attention to detail. As the Equus system works efficiently in real-time, the transmission of documents is a smooth process, ensuring a service delivery that surpasses all expectations.