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Fireside Talks take us on a tour of our different office locations around the world, and for this particular discussion, we found ourselves in Singapore, where Maya Abdolah, Partner Relationship Manager for the APAC region, sat down with APAC Commercial Lead, Kamil Cwigon, to find out more about his role and time at K2.

The Commercial Lead function sits within K2’s Supply Chain team, but what exactly does the role entail on a day-to-day basis? “I co-ordinate a wide range of activities, from handling basic costing, processing and approving invoices, to dealing with partner escalations, and assisting the local team with any queries they might have, being on hand to offer assistance where needed.”

Managing partner relationships is also a key part of the position. “From onboarding new partners, to signing Service Level Agreements, there’s a lot of ongoing activity that goes into maintaining a strong and diverse partner network”.

Agility, responsiveness, and a willingness to ‘get stuck-in’ are qualities that many K2 employees share, qualities which are needed to ensure service excellence. “As a relatively small office, we sometimes need to take a hands-on approach, visiting QC sites to check all’s well, for example.”

K2 Office in Singapore

Kamil joined the X Annos family in 2023, an ever-growing group of employees who have been with K2 for 10 years or more. A decade of service inevitably brings with it a multitude of different rewards. “It feels amazing to be recognised by K2 as part of the longstanding family. The way they recognise you is really unique. They make you feel valued, and put actions behind their words with the rewards they offer, like the X Annos sabbatical.”

In 2023 K2’s Senior Leadership Team introduced a three-month sabbatical entitlement for employees when they reach their 10 year anniversary.

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