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As an initiative to stay connected to the global mobility community during the pandemic, K2 USA have been running a series of virtual roundtables. The first series looked at Future Proofing Mobility Post-Covid and the second series explored Virtual Assignment Strategies.

You can find all the previous session summaries on our K2 insights page.

The latest virtual roundtable titled ‘Evolving Role of Global Mobility’, explored the practical implications of operating mobility in the changing world we find ourselves in. The session aimed to review the current state of the mobility industry, predict any short and long-term impacts, discuss timelines for a return to “normal”, evaluate changes in mobility functions and discuss the changing landscape of skill sets for mobility professionals.

The session began by discussing any impacts to the industry that individuals had experienced and looked at whether these impacts were expected to be long or short term. The group then discussed whether any changes in mobility controls and governance had been noticed, for example, had anyone noticed an increased focus on cost control, or assignment ROI. The session also explored whether such changes in the mobility industry are creating challenges, or opportunities, and whether global mobility professionals may need to change their skill sets moving forwards, and whether this is feasible.

Lastly, the group discussed how different companies are managing and tracking travel moves at this point, for both personal and business travel, and explored some key approaches that have worked well. As always, the session concluded by reviewing all the key outputs that had been developed throughout the session.

The virtual roundtable was led and facilitated by Brad Shepard, who was joined by a variety of other global mobility leaders to enable an in-depth discussion across various market sectors.

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