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Meet Andrew, our Group CFO

I held a variety of roles and gained some diverse experience early in my career, followed by a finance career of over 20 years across multiple disciplines, both within professional services and a number of different industry sectors. This broad background brought a slightly different view when joining K2 4 years ago. I have held senior roles in both public and private businesses and believe that culture is fundamental to achieving great things.

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English and French (badly)

I took a slightly unusual route to my current position and I believe that this experience has shaped my outlook and professional judgement.

I did not think that I would ever have a career in finance and my early career was spent messing around in boats, either teaching sailing, delivering yachts or working offshore as a hydrographic surveyor. All good fun but I knew deep down finance is where the action is! 

After 8 years at PwC, training as a Chartered Accountant and then working within the Corporate Finance team, advising on M&A transactions, I decided to leave the firm and head into industry. Spells in senior finance roles within companies in the Oil & Gas and Software sectors followed, mainly within listed companies, with a very global footprint.  

I learnt many lessons along the way, both good and bad, that I think are key to where I am today.

It’s my belief that all experience is good experience, and it is what you do with that experience that makes it positive. I also believe it is essential to find something that you love.

It might be a small part of the job (location, people, culture, company), or it might be everything about a role, but it is having a passion for something that drives exceptional performance. If I look back at my career, there has always been this passion in the roles where I’ve had most success. The final thing that I think is very important is authenticity and being the best version of yourself. I have experience of being in roles where I have had to act a certain way, and it is draining and unproductive. Always be yourself – ultimately that is why you got the job in the first place! 

I am very proud to have been at K2 for the last 4 years and to have been part of everything that has been achieved during this time – the growth, development and implementation of the Kinetic strategy have been fantastic to be involved in, and I am very excited about everything that is still to come. The ambition and relentless drive forward of K2 makes it a very rewarding place to be and I very much look forward seeing what the future brings.  

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