As a global organisation K2 offers both professional and relocation services internationally. We also provide specific services tailored to the US market through our US offices in Houston and Pittsburgh.

We are proud of our track record in the US, where we, in typical K2 fashion, continue to drive cost efficiencies, commitment to service excellence and redefining more historical approaches to relocation to deliver the best possible solution to our clients.

Services, specifically in the US include the management of home sale, mortgage assistance and home purchase that complement our core services such as home finding, rental assistance, temporary living support, school search, area orientation, transportation of household goods and storage, and auto transportation, as well as partner and family assistance and much more.

With regards to domestic US relocation management our full suite of services also includes policy counselling, processing of all relocation related expenses (auditing, reimbursement, and tax assistance calculations which are then further reported to payroll), and management of all relocation related services customised to your needs.

We can source, audit, and pay all suppliers and consolidate all cost reporting. We also manage all functions in-house and remain fully accountable for any service partner performance, providing a tailor-made solution from start to finish for you and your relocating employees.

Policy counselling

Working in partnership, ensuring your employee knows and understands their benefits

When moving your valued talent from one business critical area to another you’re looking to limit the distraction of relocation so that they can keep focused on what’s important.

At K2, we understand this. Our approach is to act as an extension of your HR function to ensure your domestic relocations run as smoothly and burden-free as possible.

Our highly experienced relocation consultants work closely with you to take on the detail of your domestic or international relocation programmes and manage all of the aspects of your relocation related services to ensure a streamlined transition.

As part of our policy counselling service a K2 consultant will provide an initial review of all domestic policy benefits and requirements to ensure a complete understanding of your domestic mobility programme. We will also answer any questions and identify all the specific needs of your relocating employee and their accompanying family.

Following this initial review, a K2 consultant will also be available to review each policy element throughout the relocation process until all needs are met, the employee is fully established in their new location, and no further services are required.