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Eva joined K2 in the August of 2023, bringing with her many years’ experience in the Global Mobility world, gained through her various roles across Destination Services, Relocation Management and Account Management. She also spent time in-house as a Mobility Specialist, enabling her to understand business ‘from the other side of the curtain’.

This breadth of professional expertise, alongside the personal experience of having been an assignee herself, makes Eva an incredibly valuable asset for the K2 team in Sweden. Not only does she understand the frustrations, challenges and complexities that can be faced during an engagement, she’s also able to articulate these in a way that resonates with all parties, helping manage expectations and avoid miscommunication.

Tina and Eva also discuss the importance of teams offering clients tailored support which reflects cultural nuances and differences, as well as the impact of local issues which can shape assignments in an area.

The pair close by talking a little about K2’s culture and the pride they feel at being part of an organisation that ‘walks the walk’ when it comes to all things Sustainability and ESG.