Our solutions

Professionally and reliably delivered relocation services reduce the burden and distraction of navigating through the legal and personal complexities of relocation and the multitude of important decisions that need to be made.

We have a proven track record of providing high quality relocation services to corporate clients from a wide range of sectors. We support businesses and employees through all aspects of their move, providing service packages for both short and long-term assignments, permanent transfers, group moves and domestic relocations. 

K2 Relocate – for your talented employees

A distraction-free service experience, supportive at every step

At K2, our service delivery approach is based on a home/host model whereby our offices work in partnership to deliver the services. Whether the relocating employee is in a home or a host location, they always have an assigned relocation manager who will be in constant contact with them – more so than you would expect from a conventional relocation management company.

Our expertise and experience, gained from our dedicated operational team and our broad footprint of offices, ensures that we take detailed steps to provide relevant local context and effectively manage multi-stakeholder objectives and expectations from the moment we are initiated. While there is always a core team dedicated to each client, we also work with our carefully selected global service partners from our Global Accredited Partner Programme for specific on-the-ground support and time zone coverage, depending upon the origin and destination of each assignment.

We take great care in ensuring we are the right fit for our clients and we fully recognise the complexity and importance of a streamlined change in providers, or initiation of a mobility service for the first time. We like to work in co-operation and partnership and seek to work as an extension of your organisation and HR function. We are always available to deal with any queries or issues which may arise.

Our dedicated relocation specialists ensure they provide a valuable resource to each client. We quickly gain a deep understanding of your culture, policies and requirements so we are fully aligned with your objectives. We prefer to build on an ongoing ‘one team’ approach and working relationship based on trust and partnership. We work collaboratively to integrate fully with your resources and business needs which also helps ensure that any queries or challenges are handled in an appropriate, transparent manner and resolved quickly and efficiently.

We make sure that contact at every step is meaningful, timely, and allows the relocation to move forward seamlessly with limited interruption and distraction for your global mobility team and relocating employee. To enable this we deliver clear, concise and accurate communication throughout the process.

Our relocation experts are always selected and fully briefed from the outset so that they are an excellent fit to your organisation and needs. We also ensure they are clear on process and expectations, possess a strong knowledge of your culture, are subject matter experts in each of your locations, can offer policy counselling, and are aware of the standard level agreements specific to your service.

K2 Bespoke – for your executives and VIPs

Tailored attention to detail, exceptional senior-level service support

Distractions due to relocation related tasks, such as school and house finding or dealing with home maintenance issues, impact on both productivity and personal lives. In the case of a senior executive move, or an employee of significant business importance, the need to reduce the impact of such distractions is fundamental to the successful reputation of HR/global mobility teams, as well as your business.

At K2, we understand that you need to ensure your executives or business critical employees are able to settle and focus on their new role in the host location swiftly and successfully. Our K2 Bespoke service focuses on minimising disruption by working closely with business leaders, their families and HR/global mobility departments to focus on anticipating and resolving issues before they occur through precision planning. The more preparation, the lesser the distraction to your employees’ busy schedules, freeing up more time for them to focus what matters.

We provide an extra emphasis on personal contact, with increased engagement between K2 and the relocating employee, or partner, as well as your global mobility team. We concentrate on providing a high quality, tailor-made and attentive service that fulfills the specific needs of each individual.

Our positive reputation in the provision of executive relocation services has led to a number of organisations specifically choosing to work with us to separate out their senior executive relocation service from their existing programme. Having recognised that their standard offering and processes were not meeting their business needs, they approached us to ensure the tailored level of service and flexibility they required.

Recognising the different needs of this employee demographic, we offer eligible executives a dedicated, experienced and senior-level single point of contact to project manage the move. We provide a range of additional components to our K2 Relocate service, putting extra emphasis on building confidence, trust and minimising risk to achieve a positive relocating employee experience, and maintaining maximum productivity as a high priority objective.

From pre-move home visits, to discussing a range of issues such as housing and schools, to sourcing specialist providers such as art appraisers or wine shippers, we will take care of every need. We can help find the right home, accompany relocating employees and their families on viewings, conduct pre-delivery visits to ensure homes are ready, stock the fridge, make the beds, co-ordinate household staff, employ a finishing service to unpack and place, and familiarise families with local areas and customs.

Service features include senior level ownership with 24hr support, face-to-face briefings and increased engagement, personal oversight and/or attendance at every critical step, full project management with clearly defined project plans, timelines and communication strategies, as well as full tracking and HR updates so you can inform internal stakeholders of the smooth transition. We can provide face-to-face meetings and on-site attendance in both origin and destination locations throughout all services.

Upon full-service completion, we submit a thorough service review capturing the relocating employee’s satisfaction and full cost analysis. Your K2 senior point of contact also remains available to provide continuous support for subsequent sequential assignments or repatriations.