People, partners and clients


Our senior management team have a wealth of in-depth expertise and experience spanning decades and all aspects of global mobility — gained in-house managing global assignment programmes or through independent strategic consulting projects.

Nick Plummer
Group Chief Executive Officer, K2 Global
Rob McFarland
Group Chief Commercial Officer, K2 Global
Jo Wakeham
Group Managing Director, K2 Global
Phil Hunt
Managing Director, K2 Americas
Richard Nunes
Managing Director, K2 Africa & Middle East
Andrew Hayward
Group Chief Financial Officer, K2 Global
Richard Rutledge
Executive Business Director, K2 Global
Taryn Whitfield
Head of Advisory Services, K2 Global
Paul Barrett
Managing Director, K2 Asia Pacific
Linda Rafferty
Global Head of Compliance, K2 Global
Daniel Natoli
Global Head of K2 Bespoke, K2 Global
Julie Harrington
Global Mobility & HR Advisory, K2 Global


Chaired by Jo Wakeham and Richard Nunes, our executive leadership team (ELT) are responsible for the strategic direction of our day-to-day operations. Each ELT member brings extensive knowledge and experience from working for many years in global mobility. This team has representation from all of the K2 regions, ensuring a global K2 voice.

Amanda Lillie
Operations Team Leader, UK
Eden Roux
Client Services Manager, Africa
Jolene Tan
Operations Manager, Asia
Katie Musloe
Vice President Operations, USA
Sam Daly
Country Manager, UAE
Tina Lindqvist
Client Operations Manager, Sweden
Maria McCoy
Americas Commercial Manager, US
Sarah Miles
Finance Manager, UK
Julie Sinacori
Country Manager, France

Our people

Our positive reputation in the industry has led us to obtain a unique mix of specialists, many with previous leadership and broader HR experience.

Our people have a wealth of experience across multiple and varied industries – from leading financial institutions, cutting-edge telecoms, online retail giants to multinational oil and gas concerns.

They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to navigate internal organisational challenges. They have the commercial awareness to appreciate the dynamic needs of your business, and recognise the need for connected and seamless service delivery and communication.

This rare blend of expertise and experience underpins our ability to add so much value to our clients’ in-house teams. Coupled with this, we pride ourselves on building excellent working relationships with our clients to truly understand their organisation, ways of working and individual needs. We develop a strong appreciation of the fundamentals and pressure points, helping us conceptualise the service need in its entirety – having had experience in all elements – and we have the humility, maturity and flexibility of approach to find the answers and solutions to issues that fit your specific needs.

Our tenure of consultants is well above the industry average at five years. We have worked hard to build a rich and varied base of expertise and experience, ensuring we efficiently maintain a strong consistency in our account team client alignment.


Our core business focus is to provide consistent and expert service excellence with a broad and effective global reach. This is vital to the success and longevity of our business and is of utmost importance to us. We cannot achieve it alone. Fundamental to our service is our ability to develop strong working relationships with our service partners. Expert, detailed and consistent vendor management is vital to our performance. Download our latest code of conduct here.

Global Accredited Partner Programme

We have invested heavily over a number of years to establish and develop our expansive and flexible Global Accredited Partner Programme. This now spans 186 countries where we oversee a network of experienced and specialist providers ranging from shipping, freight and delivery agents to destination service providers such as home search, school search and orientation consultants, and travel, tax, immigration and visa experts – all of whom are fully licensed, accredited, vetted and managed to rigorous and targeted service delivery standards and legal and regulatory compliance procedures.

In partnering with trusted service providers we are both committed to driving three core aims in all that we do:

1. Service excellence
2. Cost control
3. Risk mitigation

Each current provider has at least two years experience with us, and by signing up to working with us they have committed to maintaining the full range of ISO compliant accreditations, policies and other important service-related documentation.

We guarantee that all of our partners represent K2 as we maintain full accountability for their services. In practice this means that during any employee relocation, or when delivering destination services, a lead K2 consultant works closely in detail with the relevant partner to ensure successful delivery to our standards and expected outcomes.

Thanks also to our independence and impartiality, we can drive cost efficiencies and increase service levels to your relocating employees and business. Because we don’t hold any reciprocal agreements with partners we can minimise risks and costs by selecting multiple partners and choosing the most capable based on quality, service experience and value for money for the service required.


We work with clients around the world of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals. Big or small, we’re dedicated to delivering the same high level of service to each and every one of them. By working as an extension of your HR and global mobility teams, we enable you to operate globally, increasing the productivity of both internal departments and relocating employees.

We are proud of our rich, loyal and long-standing relationships with our clients, some spanning more than a decade and our industry-beating client satisfaction rating of 98% stands testimony to this.

We have specialists working across a wide variety of industry sectors that include technology, finance, advertising, media, retail, professional services, logistics, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and construction.