Providing specialist expertise and advice, ensuring a successful move within programme expectations

Finding the right home in a new location is also a vital element of a successful domestic relocation. But it can be a challenge for a relocating employee to know where to start and get advice to help with choosing a new home and precise location that will suit their needs.

At K2, we provide access to qualified real estate agents in our K2 Real Estate Network who are be able to assist with area counselling and provide specific information such as:

  • Types and price ranges of homes for sale.
  • Town and neighbourhood data.
  • Property tax information.
  • Commuting information.
  • Education, medical, religious and other personal information.

These highly experienced real estate professionals are specially trained to address issues that are unique to relocation. Use of these agents can also relieve your relocating employee of any pressure to use the services of a friend, relative, or acquaintance in the real estate field which can lead to issues with policy compliance.

Once a home is found in the destination we will assist, along with the real estate agent, in presenting a contract-of-sale to the sellers of the home and a full review of all the terms and conditions will be conducted prior to presentation. Once an offer is accepted, we will also assist with any documentation of policy benefits required by the mortgage company to close the loan.