Because it’s personal

We are an organisation that puts people at the heart of everything we do. Despite our growth, we are still entrepreneurial and agile in our approach. We’re a can-do organisation and maintain a strong focus on achieving results and providing excellent service to our clients.

We have built a culture where our people say that they are given the autonomy to get on with things and find specific, relevant ways to add value. Colleagues are empowered and engaged to work together collaboratively in a supportive environment. And at every level of the organisation people feel they can develop their expertise, make an impact, and build their careers – all with a sense of pride in the quality of their work. What colleagues enjoy most is the variety in their working day, the support to use their initiative to find solutions, the development opportunities, the camaraderie and the recognition and reward they receive.

Our vision

To be a world-renowned, sector-leading independent global mobility, immigration, HR and advisory services provider of choice.

Our mission

We work with global organisations large and small to successfully manage the relocation of their talent, without distraction, because we believe relocating should not get in the way of being productive in your new role.

We achieve the highest standards of service excellence through the continual development of our global teams of experts and technology platforms.

We enable our clients to consistently achieve their strategic objectives by delivering an exceptional, distraction-free relocation experience for the talented employees they are investing in.

We focus on:

  • Attracting, developing and retaining people with exceptional talent and relevant specialist skills and experience.
  • Seeking innovation and added value through the development of simple, practical and useful technology.
  • Sourcing and forging trusted partnerships with the most capable service partners in each location.
  • Developing long-standing, value-creating relationships with each client built on a foundation of transparency, credibility, trust and service excellence.

Our values

As a people driven business focused on service excellence, our values are key to the sense, commitment and emphasis we put to everything we do. We use them as a guide, hold ourselves up to them, and look to ensure they consistently ring true to who we are, what we stand for, and how we do things.

  • Consistent – we take pride in delivering an excellent service no matter when or where. We carefully manage the client and relocating employee experience every day to make it personal, positive and distraction-free.
  • Experts – we attract, develop and retain skilled and knowledgeable people. We make it our job to know our clients’ requirements and cultures, as well as the latest industry best practice. We are always looking to enhance our skills and exceed expectations. We reward effort, personal growth and results.
  • Collaborative – we work as a global team to deliver the best outcomes. We share and collaborate without boundaries. We support one another to develop our knowledge, skills and interest in our roles and want colleagues to be comfortable and themselves in the workplace. If there’s a problem we work together to solve it and learn from it.
  • Responsive – we continuously look for new ways to improve our services, systems and processes. We are committed to implementing innovations and improvements quickly so that we can pass on the benefits to our clients and employees.
  • Trusted – we listen and pay attention to detail. We ensure we deliver the best outcomes, and personalise them. We always act as partners and seek to continuously enhance the positive impact of our clients’ people talent and global mobility objectives.

Corporate social responsibility

We believe in working responsibly and contributing positively to the communities we operate in. To do this, we have developed a corporate social responsibility strategy and work to find ways to involve and support our employees, their families, clients, service partners and the local communities and environments we work in to make a better future.


We are proud of our track record in supporting a wide variety of charities. We encourage employees to play an active role in supporting their charities of choice. Some of our fundraising activities have been undertaken in partnership with clients or service partners, and we have found this approach also contributes to our drive to stimulate an open and inclusive working culture, as well as strengthening the understanding and effective working relationships we have with clients.

Ethical influence

We are mindful of our impact upon each society across all of the countries in which we operate. We agree consistent and fair service level agreements with our partners, ensuring ethical objectives are built-in so that we foster good relations and are transparent in our activities. We also ensure we are fair with employee remuneration and that terms and conditions are the best possible, meeting the expectations of our equal opportunities policy.

Electronic impact

In line with our environmental and clear desk policies, we enforce a low electricity policy in all of our offices. You will never find an empty K2 office with lighting on, or a deserted desk with a computer on standby. We also look to be as paper and print efficient as possible and only print on double-sided, recycled paper using greyscale.

Carbon footprint reduction

European Union regulations and the implementation of mandatory efficiencies by the International Maritime Organisation are driving shipping lines to reduce their environmental impact. In our role to help improve environmental standards, we select freight agents who proactively demonstrate a drive to reduce carbon footprints – from Maersk (whose operational and fleet improvements have reduced carbon dioxide emissions per container by 46% since 2007 and who also aim to be carbon neutral by 2050), to Virgin Atlantic airlines (who have a target to reduce aircraft carbon dioxide per revenue tonne kilometre by 30% by 2020 from their 2007 baseline). We also hold online seminars on the latest environmental concerns to raise awareness and increase communication between offices on this important issue. We run initiatives to help encourage reductions in the personal carbon footprint of our employees, consider fuel efficiency when selecting company vehicles, actively encourage employees to take public transport when visiting clients or use video conferencing for meetings to save on air travel. We source products locally for each of our offices using materials that are recycled or ethically grown or sourced.